Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fruity Mashy Snack

I posted this food recipe in my other blog site, A Family Tale, along with other food recipes for toddlers.  i picked this one to be the first recipe I would post on this site because my baby daughter (ooopss..she's a toddler now!  She just turned 1!) loved this recipe the first time I made it for her.  It's composed of mashed fruit and milk / cereal.  I hope your kids would love it too. :)

For her playtime breaktime


Half cheek of Avocado (mashed)
Cereal (Wheat and Milk flavored Cerelac) or oatmeal
3-5 onces Baby's formula milk or just plain Wilkins water (depending on how much cereal you will add)
small amount of honey

Mix cereal and milk / water in a bowl (oatmeal is better to mix with milk instead of water).  Add the mashed Avocado and mix with the cereal and milk / water.  Then add small amount of honey.

*mashed banana, mango, or apple can also be used instead of avocado.

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