Friday, August 13, 2010

Fruity Pancake seems like I'm loading my toddler more fruits because I would be sharing a recipe which includes fruit again!  Well, I couldn't seem to think of other food to be mixed with pancake! Hehe.  I learned this recipe through my officemate who brought a pancake in our office one day and explained to us that she mixed the pancake with mashed over ripe bananas.  My eyes lit up and I told her that my baby might want to have a taste of a fruity pancake.  However, when the weekend came, there wasn't any banana available in our home, so I used ripe mango instead to mix with the pancake.  What's more about this recipe was that, my toddler practiced using her baby fork in getting pieces of pancake and putting it into her mouth (alas, her self-feeding worked most of the time!).

Fruity Pancake
An enjoyable and healthy breakfast


Pancake mix
Mashed ripe yellow mangoes / over ripe bananas
Strawberry jam or honey


Mix Pancake mix and water according to the label instructions (it doesn't matter how many pancakes you will make...even adults could eat the final output of this recipe!).  Then mix the mashed fruit with the pancake.  Place small amount of pancake mix with mashed fruit on the heated frying pan until the side is already cooked.  Turn the pancake to cook the other side of it.  When cooked, take it out of the frying pan and let it cool for a while so that your toddler could enjoy it.  While cooling, cook another pancake until all the mix had been cooked. 

Before giving the meal to your toddler, make sure it's not too hot already.  Place strawberry jam or honey on the pancake and let your child enjoy it by letting him eat it by providing him a safe fork for kids (with your assistance and supervision).

Leftovers?  Well, it's time for you to grab a bite of it! :)


  1. Hi, Vaneni, I have a toddler too, glad to find your blog, and glad to see other mom with tot, will see more your recipes!.

  2. hi Diah! thanks for the visit! How's your tot? :) I hope we can share recipes so I'm putting your link on my blogroll :)


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